Job Description


Our goal is to create a worship service where people can experience God's love. The role of the Hospitality Ministries volunteers is to welcome people as God would welcome them and make it easy for them to participate in the worship service.


• Sense of responsibility/reliable

• Open and welcoming attitude

• Enjoy interacting with people of all ages

• Positive attitude/optimism

• Works as team member

Commitment Required:

• Participate in orientation and training

• Greet 1-2 times per month or less often depending on the number of greeters

• Typically on a Sunday morning the time required is 2 hours (9:30-10:15 am)

• Some greeting responsibilities may be needed outside of Sunday morning services ie. Good Friday, Christmas Eve

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Participate in orientation & training

• Greet Sunday morning

   o Show up at least 30 minutes before service begins

   o Greet at the assigned door (front or back)

   o Make sure lights are on

   o Review emergency procedures

   o Remain at the doors to welcome until at least 10:15 am

   o Provide assistance to anyone who might need it to enter the church

   o Direct people to where to hang up coats, nursery, washroom etc.

   o Put emergency procedures into place if needed

• Greeters will report to the Hospitality Ministries Coordinator


Greeters will receive an orientation and training prior to starting the position. The training will include emergency procedures and accessibility.


• An opportunity to interact with church family

• Serving without a huge time commitment